Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Avoid these 8 Acupuncture Points to Avoid Miscarriage

Pregnancy massage is one massage modality that is experiencing high growth. In fact, it is often one of the most-requested services at any massage clinic or individual business. However, there are some areas that should not receive deep pressure due to the chance of causing a miscarriage.

Chinese medicine has held that these eight acupuncture or acupressure points are key to avoiding miscarriage; conversely, practitioners may press them with the intent of causing delivery in an overdue pregnancy.

The eight points are:
1 - Kidney 1 is on the sole of the foot, about on the midline vertically, and just below the level of the ball of the foot.
2 - Large Intestine 4 is located between thumb and forefinger, in the fleshy part just above the knuckle of the first finger.
3 - Spleen 6 is located 2-3 inches above the ankle bone, on the inside of the leg.
4 - Spleen 10 is located about three inches above the knees, on the inside of the leg.
5 - Liver 3 is located between the first and second tarsal bones on top of the foot, about an inch past the gap between the toes (going toward the ankle).
6 - Bladder 67 is is on the outside edge of the nail on the little toes.
7 and 8 - The uterus reflex and the ovary reflex are located on either side of the heel, one on the inside surface and one on the outside surface. They are just below the ankle bone, and between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon.

Just casual or accidental pressure on these points will not cause a miscarriage. It requires deep sustained pressure and also the actual INTENT on the part of the practitioner to effect a miscarriage using these points.

In fact, I have known of some healthcare workers who have used these points intentionally and with good results in cases of coworkers, etc. who were overdue and desperately wanted to deliver. One person claims three out of four women who ask for this service have gotten the desired result, and gone into labor within a few hours of a session of pressing these points.

Method: Press on the points indicated with a firm pressure, for 20-30 seconds, release, and press again. You may have to press each point two or even three times like this. If the pressure is too painful due to swelling in the ankles or legs, then just work on the bottom of the foot and the hand. And again, the intent on the part of the therapist or friend is a key part of the technique.

On the other hand, if you are a massage therapist and you have a pregnant client with some normal lymphatic swelling in the feet and legs in pregnancy, you may still lightly massage those areas. Lymphatic drainage is a light form of massage, and can help the woman by reducing swelling without damaging lymph vessels. There need be no fear that light treatment of this kind is going to accidentally induce early labor.


dany chandra said...

Thanks for providing a link to this new article, which is challenging indeed to the notion of a acupuncture for pregnancy

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Amanda Rowan said...

When i was over due with my youngest i did the whole massage thing. I did the foot pressure point. The pressure point by the thumb and finger and more. None worked. I wanted to go into labor naturally instead of being induced. In the end i ended up being induced cause nothing worked. Sex didnt, working out didnt, nothing.

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